Flowers for the elderly – the amazing benefits

Whether your older loved ones are living on their own, with one of their children or in a care facility, it is important to understand just how many benefits fresh blooms can have. No matter the occasion, when sending flowers for the elderly, you can be sure that it will have an amazing impact on their emotional state which can also impact their physical well-being.

According to studies

Studies have been conducted over the years comparing the mental and emotional state of the elderly when they received or did not receive flowers. Remember, when it comes to flowers for the elderly, it does not necessarily matter what types of blooms you send. It’s more a case of surprising them with something colourful to brighten their day. When results were compared between groups that received flowers versus those who did not, it was clear that the flower recipients were significantly happier. In addition, those who received flowers were found to have the best-retained memory. This is most likely connected to the fact that flowers help you feel relaxed and, when you are relaxed, you are able to remember things so much better.

Amazing benefits of flowers

When you send a bouquet to anyone, it will lift their spirits. However, this is even more so when the recipient spends their time in a care facility. While these facilities take care of the basic needs of each resident, they may never feel like home to some. So many senior citizens yearn to spend more time in familiar spaces but this may simply not be possible for a number of reasons including health and safety. When you buy flowers for the elderly, you are showing them that they are by no means forgotten. Especially when you send these bouquets in between special occasions. Just to make them smile. You will spruce up their environment and make it feel that much more like home. By lifting their spirits, you can expect them to enjoy brighter and more fulfilling days in their old age.

In addition to ordering flowers for the elderly, you should consider setting some time aside to visit. Yes, you can expect your loved one to make friends within the walls of the facility but it’s not the same as interacting with their family. If they are quite frail, you might not be able to take them out of the facility. However, if they are still fairly mobile, you might be able to take them out for a picnic or a delicious home-cooked lunch. Spending just a few hours with you and out of the facility will also make their days that much more pleasant. Even more so if you are able to set a schedule to visit and for little outings. It will certainly give them something to look forward to and this positive attitude is extremely important for their health.