Summer blooms for a baby boy

Summer is a great season for kids. The warm weather means the poor tired mum doesn’t have to worry about wrapping her newborn in layers and layers of clothes and blankets. You’ll be able to play so much more with those little fingers and toes! It goes without saying that dad must at least give mum a bouquet of summer blooms. Giving flowers is said to welcome the new baby, but it’s also a good way to keep mom’s spirits up during some major life and hormonal changes. During the summer, many flowers are available to choose from.

The right colour

It is generally accepted that when a girl arrives, pink flowers are in order, while a boy asks for a blue bouquet. While some people think blue flowers aren’t that common, don’t worry as your florist will have quite a large selection of these summer blooms!


Snowdrops typically bloom during spring, but if baby comes with early summer, you might be lucky to find these beautiful petals. If not, don’t worry, there are still plenty of other options.


Hydrangeas come in different colours and, depending on the variety, bloom at different times. Some bloom when summer arrives, while others take a little longer and only share their flowers with us from the middle of the summer season. Either way, hydrangeas are an important flower that every florist should keep in stock. It is used for many different occasions, so a simple blue hydrangea bouquet should be easy to find. Hydrangeas can also be arranged with other summer blooms such as roses. If you’re considering this option, keep in mind that there are quite a few blue roses on the market and if you can’t find any, you can always mix some white roses with your blue hydrangeas. Either way, this combo is sure to make mum smile!


Speaking of roses, ask your florist for a bouquet of blue and white roses. Remember that even if they don’t currently have blue roses in stock, they can probably order them for you. If this ordering process takes too long, ask your florist if they have the tools to spray some white roses or other blue summer blooms.


Chrysanthemums are known to bloom at different times of the year depending on the type. For the most part, they’re only in season during the latter part of summer at the earliest. However, being such a popular flower, florists tend to keep them in stock as much as possible. They, like roses, come in blue, but if you can’t get blue when you need it, they can also be sprayed with blue.

Potted plants

Depending on where you live, you can also ask your local florist or nursery about potted plants that bloom with blue flowers during the summer. Potted plants are a popular alternative to cut summer blooms that will continue to grow along with the newborn baby boy.

These are just a few amazing ideas for summer blooms that will make the new parents feel pampered by the fresh flower delivery. It will brighten their home while the shades of blue and green will create a calm environment for everyone.