Mother’s Day flower baskets

Mother’s Day flower arrangements come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. White pink carnations are considered traditional for this occasion, we see many more types of flowers used in Mother’s Day bouquets today. Roses, lilies, orchids and many other types of flowers are popular choices for this time of year and they can also be displayed in many different ways.

Vases and handheld bouquets are both popular options but it’s important to remember that they are not your only choices. Flowers can also be arranged in baskets and, since baskets come in various shapes and sizes, you can get really creative.

If a basket has a single handle over the top, this will come in handy during transport. The handle can also be decorated with a colourful ribbon if you like. Flowers that are placed in a basket should always protrude from the basket in such a way that they look as natural as possible. Mixed flower arrangements create the best visual effect. Flowers should be positioned in such a way that they face various directions. They should face the same direction as the nearest portion of basket rim. In other words, on the two ends, your flowers will face left and right. On the back and front of the basket, your flowers will face backwards or forwards. Flowers that are in the middle should be arranged in an upright position and they should be slightly taller than the rest. This will give the arrangement a full appearance.

If the basket has two handles (one on either side), it will still be easy to carry and you won’t need to worry about the handles getting in the way of your flowers. Again, place the flowers in such a way that they fill the basket without overcrowding one another. The handles can also be decorated with ribbons if you like.

For baskets without handles, you might prefer to let your flowers overlap the edge. There are several types of foliage that will look amazing if you let them trail over the edge of the basket slightly. Don’t try to keep the lengths of each stem equal. If there are different lengths of foliage draped over the edge, it will look more natural.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure that you soak your floral foam thoroughly before inserting it in the basket. You should also use a plastic tray to prevent the foam from wetting the basket. The foam will need to be wet regularly to keep the flowers hydrated. Larger flowers, like lilies, make excellent focal flowers while slightly smaller blooms like roses and carnations are great mass flowers. Smaller filler flowers like baby’s breath will help fill in those gaps along with a touch of greenery. There is no denying the beauty of floral baskets and you can be sure that mum will adore this gorgeous gift!