Winter flower arrangements with a rustic style

Bright fresh flowers are not the first to come to mind when you think about winter blooms. If you take a look at seasonal flower arrangements for this time of year, you will notice that they are distinctly different form those available in summer. The best way to embrace the season is by incorporating the outdoor elements in your winter flower arrangements. While the summer is perfect for showing off all the brightest and boldest shades in the garden, winter gives you a chance to enjoy rustic designs.


Blending in with nature

The best way of achieving a rustic theme is by making the most of what Mother Nature has to offer. There are a number of fantastic natural elements that look plain on their own but fabulous when arranged together.

Berries are an excellent example of seasonal fillers that will emphasize the rustic theme. When choosing your berries, you should always make sure that they are not poisonous. Especially if you have children or pets.

Pine cones and miniature varieties can be added in their natural state or spray painted if preferred. When creating centrepieces, you can make the most of their horizontal design by using clean logs. Long branches and sticks can help you add height to vertical arrangements and any kind of wood will add texture.

Foliage is as abundant in variety as fresh flowers. So, when choosing the greenery, you can use leaves, needles, mistletoe, or holly, depending on the precise theme of the bouquet.

If you want to add some extra seasonal colour, you can add fruit like pears, apples, oranges, and even gourds or pumpkins.


Flowers with muted colours

Using muted colours is a sure way of achieving that rustic theme. Look for flowers that reflect the colours of the season. White, green, dark red, and brown are all great colour options. Some great examples of flowers available in these colours include roses, amaryllis, camellias, tulips, orchids, snowdrops, and carnations. Baby’s breath, thistles, evergreen branches, eucalyptus leaves and winter heather are also fantastic fillers.


Skimping on the flowers

If you are on a strict budget, you are in luck because these types of arrangements require minimal flowers. Their beauty does not only depend on the flowers but rather all the other elements come together to create the perfect visual masterpiece.


Suitable containers

During the cold season, we like to wrap ourselves up in heavier fabrics. It’s the same reason that attracts us to heavier materials and textures when it comes to containers. Stone containers, brass, and bronze are all perfect for these types of arrangements. A natural approach to containers is perfect for any rustic bouquet.