Flower Puppies!

We have scoured the internet to find the cutest pictures of puppy’s and flowers.  These gorgeous puppies are simply the cutest we found beautifully shot with a flower scene. Do you have a picture of a puppy with some flowers, if so send it us, we would love to see it!

This cute chiwawa caught posing with some giant daisy’s is definitely a beauty, shot with a tiresome puppy yawn definitely a favourite.


This one caught our eye, 2 kissing beagles surrounded with beautiful buttercup, natures beauty weed.


Not technically a photo but this painting is a definite eye catchers. The mischievous look and the intrigued pup at the tipped pot of pink is fascinating. You can see all the character of these pups from this one painting. The artist is clearly a dog lover, especially to capture the behaviour like this.


This one is our favourite. These two little cutties are Labrador pups in a setting of orange poppies and blue bells say in a flower basket. This caption is definitely one in a million. The affection is clearly visable and the happy smile sure makes your heart melt for these two. Great for your works computer wallpaper, though you might not get much work done, I can’t stop looking at it!