Creating personalised wreaths

Wreaths are popular for many occasions and we often see them on entry doors during the festive season. Wreaths also make excellent gifts and they are so easy to personalise to suit the recipient. Here are some personalised wreath ideas to ensure that your gift is unique and from the heart.

The best way to personalise any gift is by thinking about the recipient’s hobbies. If the recipient enjoys sewing, for instance, you can buy a basket with one flat side and a long handle designed for hanging. Inside the basket, you can place some sewing supplies along with some beautiful roses and perhaps some foliage too. You can decorate the handle with flowers, foliage, and even some ribbon if you like. Similar to a sewing-themed wreath, you can also create a similar display but using knitting supplies instead.

If the recipient is a fan of photography, you could find an old camera at your local thrift shop and secure it to a wreath. The wreath you use could be made from just about anything you like as long as it’s strong enough to hold the camera. Use wire to secure the camera in place and feel free to attach a few rolls of film or even some old polaroids for good measure.

For the handy person who finds themselves fixing things and enjoying DIY crafts, you could create a wreath design using a tool holder with a large enough handle for hanging. Fill the tool holder with flowers and foliage to give the wreath plenty of colour.

As you can see, all you need to think about is their hobbies when you’re looking for inspiration and ideas.