Which flowers should I send for Mother’s Day?

When searching for the perfect gift for somebody as important as your mother, it’s important to put extra thought into whatever it is you choose to buy. An expensive gift that was bought without really thinking about the recipient is not nearly as well received as a cheaper gift sent with love. It’s not about the price tag when it comes to Mother’s Day. Instead, it’s important to think about what mum would want.

One of the most common questions around Mother’s Day is what type of flowers to send. Some people say that carnations are the perfect gift. Other’s say that you cannot go wrong with roses. The real answer is that there is no perfect flower only a perfectly loving gift. The type of flowers you choose will depend on your mother. Everyone is different and we have different preferences. This should always be your number one concern when selecting a bouquet. If mum enjoys traditions, then some pink carnations or a bouquet that contains pink carnations could be the ideal gift you seek.

If, on the other hand, mum is not a fan of the traditional and she prefers to do things and live life her way, then you have even more wonderful options! Firstly, think about the kinds of flowers she will enjoy. If she is partial to roses, orchids, or any other type of flower, ask you florist about availability. Not all flowers are available throughout the year but there are a number of blooms that are cultivated or imported even when not in season. Some lovely examples of flowers for mum include roses, lilies, and orchids. Each of which is known and loved for its unique elegance an beauty. Remember, even if you do choose an orchid arrangement, you can still ask your florist to include other flowers as fillers as well as some foliage too. This gives the bouquet a fuller and more impressive appearance.

Apart from choosing the right flowers, you should also focus on the colour scheme of the bouquet. You can choose a single colour, like pink, or you can have your florist come up with a stunning colour combination like yellow and purple. There are many different types of colour schemes in floristry and a professional florist knows just how to make a bouquet stand out.

Finally, don’t forget to ask your florist about any optional extra gift items that they might have to offer. Florists don’t only stock fresh flowers, but they also offer gifts like chocolates, wine, and balloons! Make your florist your one stop shop and save time as well as money while making mum feel special this Mother’s Day!