Winter flowers and plants that bloom this season

During this time of year, when you take a look outside, you will notice that many plants and trees have already perished or become dormant. Of course, this does not mean that winter is a season void of life. There are some wonderful winter flowers and plants that will brighten your garden even in the harshest of conditions.


While some plants and trees lose their leaves during the autumn season, there are some varieties that do not. Evergreen plants and trees maintain their lush green foliage throughout the year. Not only do they give your garden colour, but they also provide shelter for various animals that do not hibernate during the winter. While you may love fruit trees and other plants that lose their leaves, it’s a good idea to plant evergreens here and there too. This way, the bare trees and evergreens will contrast one another beautifully. Not to mention the fact that your evergreens will look even more beautiful when snow falls.

Hardy pansies and winter jasmine

If you want pretty flowers to brighten your garden or windowbox over the winter, you should consider planting pansies. They are particularly hardy and they are known to bloom during the winter season. They will need to be planted in well-drained soil. Winter jasmine is another hardy plant that will fill the air with a lovely scent and it is a vine which means that you can train it along a wall or arch.

Winter honeysuckle

Winter honeysuckle is another plant that produces sweet smelling winter flowers. While it will not bloom throughout winter, it will start to produce flowers just before spring arrives. If you plant winter honeysuckle near a window or door, you will also enjoy its scent throughout that room.

Holly and Persian cyclamen plants

Winterberry holly is another resilient option when it comes to winter flowers. It is a deciduous plant which enjoys well-drained soil. The leaves will fall during the autumn months but it will be covered with red berries which will brighten your garden. Birds enjoy these berries which will attract wildlife to your garden. Persian cyclamen plants are excellent as potted plants which you can use to brighten your home or patio.

These are a few of the best ideas for winter flowers. Of course, if you want to decorate your home with some fresh blooms, all you need to do is shop around for fresh flowers online. Your trusted florist will have a wide selection of bouquets from which you can choose.