Mother’s Day DIY ideas

When Mother’s day approaches, so many of us end up frantically searching for the perfect gift. The most important thing to remember is that the perfect gift is always one that comes from the heart. When you put all of your love into a gift, this is what makes it truly special. So, before you spend a fortune and possibly leave your bank balance severely low, why not consider some DIY Mother’s Day gifts?

There are many floral gifts suitable for Mother’s Day. Fresh flowers are a popular gift which is why gifts of a similar theme are perfect too. Floral-themed gifts can be sent along with a fresh bouquet or they can be sent instead of fresh blooms. One way of saving money on flowers is by raiding your home garden. If you have flowers that are in bloom around this time of year, then why not pluck the most beautiful blooms and make your own pretty bouquet? If you pick flowers from your garden regularly and you have a collection of pressed flowers and petals, you can also use them to make your very own Mother’s Day card or a pressed flower arrangement set in a stylish frame. This is the kind of flower arrangement that mum can display on her wall or on a table and enjoy it for years to come!

Remember, when it comes to pressing flowers, some blooms work better than others. For example, if you want to press roses, it’s better to remove the petals and press them individually. Daisy-like flowers press very well on their own but sometime delicate blooms don’t hold up and tend to fall apart. Pressed flowers and petals should always be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place for best preservation.

Pressed and dried flowers can also be used to make potpourri. All you will need to buy is a suitable small bowl (preferably unglazed and made from clay). Toss your flower petals around in some essential oils before placing them in a mesh bag. Add one or more full bottles of essential oils to the bowl along with the bag of petals. Wrap it all up with some decorative, transparent fabric to allow the petals to breathe. Place in a gift bag and you’re all set! Remember to never use fresh or partially dried plant material in potpourri. You can also add other dry elements like cloves and cinnamon if you like. This will depend on the types of oils you choose to use.

Finally, how about making mum a special edible arrangement? There are plenty of ways of doing so. One great way is by attaching wrapped chocolates to sticks and wrapping them up with decorative crepe paper. Arrange in a box or gift bag and use some kind of foam to hold each stick in place. Of course, if you love this idea but you simply don’t have the time or you’re not all that great with your hands, you can ask your florist about edible or chocolate bouquets. Not only do these bouquets contain the best sweet treats, but they are also arranged just as professionally as a fresh flower bouquet.