Fresh flowers for summer

Once winter is but a memory, it’s time to start making the most of the bright blooms that come with finer weather. Seasonal flowers are always your best bet, no matter the season, because they are usually the most reasonably priced and they last longer as cut flowers since they are already accustomed to the weather conditions. While your garden might be in full bloom, you will also find that your florist will have an abundant variety of flowers from which to choose. Your colourful garden will attract plenty of helpful bugs like butterflies and bees as well as birds. You can choose to pick some of these flowers to decorate your home or you can leave them in your garden and order flowers from your florist instead.

When planning the kinds of flowers to plant in your garden, you should always make sure that they are planted in the right area and somewhere you can be certain that their needs will be met. For example, if the plant enjoys morning sun and you place in a part of your garden that receives all day sun, it will not thrive and it may very well die.

The summer season welcomes many flowers including asters. These flowers will bloom until the beginning of winter which means that you will get plenty out of this pretty plant. These flowers are available in several colours and you can plant several colours together for a stunning visual effect. Their flowers are notably bold and bright which means that they are small yet very impressive blooms.

Another flower that blooms around this time of year is the hydrangea and it actually consists of dozens of small flowers all clustered together on a single stem. They are available in various colours including pink, blue, and white. The colour of this flower is determined by the pH level of the soil. In some cases, a single plant can produce flowers in more than one colour. These large flowers can be cut from the plant and displayed in a vase in your home. You need not add any other flowers or foliage – they look great all on their own.

Lisianthus might not be as well-known as hydrangeas and asters but they are available as a potted plant and they are excellent for decorating indoor areas. These plants are not suited for gardens since they tend to be a bit more sensitive to their surroundings. The flowers can also be used to create beautiful flower arrangements.

If you are looking for a truly impressive flower, then gladiolus is for you. Most of these flowers are native to South Africa since they prefer warmer conditions. They have long stems and large, bright-coloured flowers that will always stand out in any arrangement.

These are some of the best flowers for the summer season. Of course, you can never forget about the classic rose which is also in season at this time of year. You may find that your florist also has a number of types of daisies in stock which is great for adding colour and texture to a bouquet.