Surprise her for your next anniversary

If your anniversary is coming up, now is the time to start planning! Even if your wife said that they do not want any gifts, this is an even greater reason to surprise her with a memorable day of fun and romance!

Start the day off with something special like breakfast in bed. If you have to work that day, there might not be much time for an elaborate breakfast but surely you can get up a bit earilier than usual to cook some eggs, brew some fresh coffee, and wake her up with a kiss and a delicious meal to start her day.

If she is working that day, you can surprise her again by having your florist deliver flowers to her place of work. Ask your florist for a romantic bunch and include a special message of love. Red roses are a popular choice since they are associated with love. Alternatively, you could choose another type of red flower if you prefer. If you know that your wife has a particular favourite flower or colour, ask your florist if they have any bouquets to suit her preferences.

You can also plan a special dinner at her favourite restaurant. Make sure that the restaurant is aware that it is a special occasion and have them reserve a table in a more secluded section for your privacy. Ask them about the sparkling wine or champagne and make sure that they stock at least one bottle that your wife will enjoy. You can also stop by early to leave flowers at the restaurant and have them set the flowers on the table.

Finally, depending on your budget and her preferences, you can also spoil her with a special gift like an item of jewellry or something to make her feel special and loved. Your florist should also be able to include luxury chocolates or other gift items along with the fresh flower delivery.