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Summer bouquet with a Hawaiian theme

If you’re planning your wedding during the warm summer months, what better theme than some Hawaiian colours? Such a theme is easy to create and you can even create your own wedding bouquet in just a few steps. For those who are a little nervous about arranging their own wedding flowers, try it ahead or […]

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Exotic bouquet DIY design

Exotic flowers are usually more expensive than other flowers like roses and carnations. This is mainly because exotic flowers require extra care when grown. Exotic flowers are a fabulous sight to behold, so many flower lovers agree that the extra effort and expense are definitely worth it. These blooms are usually taller, larger, and are […]

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Oriental flower arrangement design

There are many different styles and themes when it comes to fresh flower bouquets. An oriental flower arrangement is not only eye-catching, but is also easy to create yourself. You will only need a few materials and you can make a beautiful display suitable for various occasions. Flower choices When designing an oriental flower arrangement, […]

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Dahlia flower arrangement design

If you love dahlias but you are not sure just how to arrange them perfectly, you are in luck. With these simple steps, you too can create the perfect dahlia flower arrangement to spruce up any room of your home or even to present as a gift to somebody special. You will need just a […]

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Flower placemats – how to make them

If you want to spruce up your dining room table with spring flowers but you want something that lasts longer than a few weeks, you can always make some flower placemats. They are fun and easy to make in just a few steps. Here’s what you will need and the simple steps to follow. You […]

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Mother’s Day flowers you can arrange yourself

If you are the kind of person who would like to treat mum to a gift with extra love and thought, then you will love arranging Mother’s Day flowers yourself! All you will need is a few basic supplies and your choice of blooms. Of course, the supplies you need will depend on the style […]

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How to make mini flower bouquets

When you think of a flower bouquet, you often imagine a colourful bunch of fresh cut flowers that can fill your arms! Mini bouquets, as the name suggests, are like regular bouquets but in miniature form. These mini bundles of beauty are perfect for a variety of occasions and they can even be used to […]

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Non-traditional Valentine’s Day blooms

Red roses are the number one choice when it comes to romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. However, when you feel like doing things a little differently, you may prefer sending one of these non-traditional Valentine’s Day blooms instead. White Chrysathemums These gorgeous flowers make excellent Valentine’s Day blooms because of their pure beauty. You can […]

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