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Hot chocolate recipe ideas with a twist

Hot chocolate is a delicious treat that many of us enjoy during the cold winter months. No matter how delicious it is, the same taste can become boring over time. Luckily, there are lots of great tips that will help you turn ordinary hot cocoa into something new and exciting.   Coffee Considering all the […]

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Halloween wreath design DIY

Halloween is upon us and it’s time to start planning snacks and decorations. Wreaths are especially popular this time of year, as are candies. So why not combine the two by creating your own sweetH Halloween wreath? What you need: A wreath base from wire, vines, or floral foam Paper or artificial flowers Floral wire […]

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Flower and candle arrangement design

Flowers and candles look great together and, when combined, make the perfect centrepiece for any occasion. Best of all, these types of flower and candle arrangement designs are really easy to make and you will only need a few basic elements to create the perfect floral design. You will need: Flowers and foliage of your […]

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Floral lotion recipe and tips

Floral lotion recipe and tips Have you ever found yourself in the bathtub and shower section of your local supermarket wondering what type of hand lotion to choose? Most of the time we can’t find the exact perfume or product we want, so we settle for the second best option. Well, not any longer! Now […]

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Autumn arrangement design idea

An autumn arrangement can be created at any time of the year. A visit to your local florist will always turn up a selection of red, yellow and orange flowers, at any time. That said, if you want to create the perfect fall bouquet, you’ll need more than just the right flowers. Fallen leaves and […]

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Creative design tips with hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are wonderful in a wide range of arrangements. They can be displayed on their own or along with other flowers. Here are some great display and design ideas for you to make the most of these gorgeous blooms. Tablescapes When you want to decorate a garden party and give it that elegant touch, look […]

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Repurpose vases throughout your home

The autumn season is almost at an end and now is the time to make sure that your home is in order for the holidays. It’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of anything you don’t use and get creative with every space you have available. Here’s how you can repurpose vases to keep your […]

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Paper flower Halloween bouquet

Halloween is a great opportunity to get dressed up and decorate your home. While most decorations involve ghosts, witches, vampires, and various creatures, flowers can also play a great role in creating a spooky environment. Here’s how to make your own paper flower bouquet for Halloween. You will need: Tissue paper Colour paper Vase Dowels […]

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