Autumn arrangement design idea

An autumn arrangement can be created at any time of the year. A visit to your local florist will always turn up a selection of red, yellow and orange flowers, at any time. That said, if you want to create the perfect fall bouquet, you’ll need more than just the right flowers. Fallen leaves and regular squashes are part of the perfect mix and all its simplicity makes it a very attractive item. Just go to your favourite florist and list everything you need. Once you’ve done that, follow these instructions to customize your setup.

You need:

  • A vase or holder of your choice

  • Suitable flowers and foliage

  • Mini pumpkins and gourds

  • Dried leaves, acorns, nuts, pine cones,and other dried items like straw.

Steps to follow:

  • Be careful with your choice of pots. It should fit well with your fall theme, so ceramic items should be avoided. If you have the idea of a clean and simple vase, you can use a transparent glass without pattern or design. Other good ideas include metal buckets and pots, carved pumpkins, and wooden vases (or at least something similar to wood. Remember: your pot does not need to be waterproof! You can use anything you want as long as you put a glass, pot or other waterproof material in it to hold the water for your autumn arrangement.

  • You will want to cut down any flowering plants on your leaves. Keep them in the water as you go through the bouquet, one plant at a time. Do not forget to cut them at an angle to increase the absorption surface. Start by creating a foundation for your design on paper. Ferns are beautiful, and their dark green leaves bring warm colour to your design. Arrange the foliage so that the leaves point outwards.

  • Once you’ve created the perfect base, you can start arranging your flowers. Focal flowers should be placed in the middle, and their stems should be longer so that they stick out a little more than others. Sunflowers make beautiful flowers because they are bright and long. Now it’s time to add more blooms. Although orange, red and yellow are beautiful colours for fall bouquets, you can also include cream and some shades of purple or green. Adding a few cream-coloured roses here, for example, will help make the composition easier.

  • Add more foliage if necessary and feel free to use a support such as dried items like sticks in between. Don’t forget to decorate your table space at the bottom of the pot. It helps bring out the theme of failure. Use small pumpkins, gourds, pine cones and similar objects around the pot. You can scatter a few dried leaves across the table first, if you want, and use other heavy decorations to hold them. Use straw around the end of the pot and tie it in a string.

There are many things you can use to make your autumn arrangement unique. For example, you can insert sticks into small pumpkins and add them to the bouquet instead of placing them around the vase. If you prefer a horizontal style table setting rather than the ones in vases, you can follow the same process mentioned above. All you have to do is replace the pot with floral foam and don’t forget to use a plastic tray to hold the excess water. If you don’t know where to find these, contact your local florist.