Creative décor for Mothers Day lunch

Mother’s Day lunch is not just about the food and beverages you choose to serve. Sure, you will want to make sure that mum has all of her favourite nibbles, but it’s also important to take the time to plan the décor. With just a little bit of extra effort, you can make your lunch table look absolutely amazing!

Start by choosing the right tablecloth. Usually plain colours are best since you can be sure that they will look good when paired with other decorative items like fresh flowers. You might like to add a colourful overlay but this depends on the colour scheme of your centrepiece. It’s also good to use crockery that will create a colour contrast. In other words, if you use a white tablecloth, you should avoid using white plates or they will simply blend in. You could, however, use white plates if you add colourful place mats to create a break between the two white elements.

As for the flowers and centrepiece, think about what mum will like. Does she have a particular favourite flower or colour? This lunch is for her which means that everything should be planned and done with her in mind. If mum doesn’t have any specific preferences, remember that you can’t go wrong with flowers like carnations, roses, and lilies. You can even group them together in a single bouquet if you like! Keep the flower arrangement low so that your guests will be able to make eye contact with one another without having to stand or look around the flowers. The last thing you want is an ongoing game of peek-a-boo while everyone is supposed to be eating, drinking, and chatting.

Apart from fresh flowers, you can also add other decorative items. Since it is Mother’s Day, this gives us all the more reason to get a bit personal. Personalised decorations like snow globes with photographs inside, are excellent. Not only will the be great discussion pieces, but you can also give them to mum at the end of the lunch! As your guests are seated, they will notice the various personal items and it will give you the opportunity to brag a bit about how wonderful your mother is! A photo is worth a thousand words, as they say, which is why it’s such a good idea to choose special photos of yourself and your fellow siblings together with mum. Make sure that everyone is included.

Once all is said and done, make sure that mum does not lift a finger! It’s her one day to relax and be a bit selfish for a change. She should enjoy a cup of tea or coffee rather than wash dishes and it’s up to you to make sure that this happens.