Silk and fresh flowers combined

When we think about creating flower arrangements, we usually limit ourselves to choosing between silk and fresh flowers. What if these two could be combined? Well, there are some great advantages that might make you think twice about your next arrangement. A fresh bouquet could indeed look even better with the right silk blooms in between.

Freedom in your design

When you use silk and fresh flowers, you will enjoy far more freedom in terms of your design and colour choices. Silk flowers are available in so many different colours. Even those that are not available in nature. If, for example, you want to add blue or silver roses, you can do so by including some silk blooms.

Delicate fresh blooms

Another advantage of combining silk and fresh flowers is the fact that you can add artificial replicas of otherwise delicate blooms. Gardenias, for instance, are extremely delicate and they don’t always last very long. If you add silk gardenias, however, you will be able to work with them easily and with confidence.

High quality

One important point to consider is that when you combine silk and fresh flowers, it will be that much easier to spot the artificial blooms. For this reason, it is very important that you use artificial flowers of the highest quality so that they do not stand out for all the wrong reasons.


Another reason to opt for at least a few silk blooms in your bouquet is that this will help you limit the amount of pollen released by the arrangement. If you love a particular type of flower but you cannot handle all that pollen, you could use an artificial alternative so that you get the beauty without all that sneezing or mess.

Your silk and fresh flowers will not all perish together. This means that, at some point, you will need to discard the wilted fresh blooms and you should take the time to clean your silk blooms thoroughly before allowing them to dry and then storing them in a cool, dry and dark spot.