Summer blooms for modest bouquets

Many people say they prefer summer to winter and it’s no wonder as winter can be terribly gloomy and cold. After enduring the rain, wind, snow and all that winter brings, longer, sunny days are extremely refreshing. Not to mention all the gorgeous flowers that bloom this time of year! If you have a garden, you’ll enjoy waking up to a lush green setting decorated with splashes of colourful summer blooms. If you don’t have a garden, you can always bring nature indoors by purchasing potted plants and floral arrangements.


Picking your own

When selecting a bouquet of flowers to decorate your home, you can choose to pick them up yourself or order flowers from your local florist. You can also order summer blooms online if you aren’t willing to pay a visit to your local florist. Wildflowers harvested from a nearby field look beautifully natural, and you don’t even need to get too fancy with your vase. However, it is important to ensure that you can pick flowers from the appropriate area, as some are protected and flower picking is prohibited. When picking flowers yourself, you should come prepared with a sharp knife or scissors and a bucket of water. Lavender and daisies make beautiful bouquets of wildflowers. Remember not to get too technical when organizing them. They are wild, so arrange them as such. Cut all the stems to roughly the same length and place them in a vase.


Ideal colours

You should also remember that summer welcomes a myriad of bright colours. Spring is generally associated with pastel shades, while summer is associated with bolder colours. Whether bouquets of summer blooms are large or small, they are sure to attract attention. That’s why it’s even more important to choose bold colours when preparing a small bouquet. You don’t want them to get lost in the rest of your home decor.


If you don’t have too many summer blooms in your garden or can’t find the right types of wildflowers to brighten up your home, you can always order them from your local florist. Remember that you don’t need to order the biggest, most elaborate and most expensive flowers on sale. You can find cheap flowers that don’t look cheap by simply selecting something a little more modest in size. Look for seasonal flowers if you’re trying to stay on budget. Even a romantic flower arrangement can be kept within budget by choosing one flower arrangement instead of a dozen red roses. Don’t always assume that bigger is better. Smaller bouquets can be just as effective, and the money you save on flowers can be used to take your partner out for a romantic dinner, or you can gift them some fancy chocolates.