Top flowers for welcoming the New Year

Whether you are planning on hosting a fabulous party on New Year’s Eve, or you simply want to splash out a little and treat your home to a floral make over before this year is done, these flowers will certainly do the trick. The following flowers are excellent for dressing up your home for this fine occasion and they also make lovely gifts if you are attending a party and you don’t want to arrive empty-handed.


Carnations are the birth flower of January which makes them a wonderful choice. They are available in various colours and they can be displayed on their own or along with other flowers. For the most part, carnations are often used as filler flowers alongside roses and lilies. It’s amazing how these three flowers create a perfectly balanced display.


Speaking of lilies, they always have a way of stealing the eye thanks to their elegant and exotic appearance. There are plenty of types of lilies available and, for the most part, their petals are shaped in such a way that they almost resemble champagne flowing out of the bottle as the cork is popped. They can be enjoyed on their own or, as previously mentioned, paired with other blooms like roses and carnations.


No matter the season, roses are always in great demand. They are classy, timeless in their beauty, and available in just about any colour you can imagine. Even if you cannot find that perfect colour, you can either have them dyed or painted according to your needs.


Just as carnations are associated with January, so too are narcissus flowers the symbol for December. While the year might be coming to an end, it’s no reason not to give this busy month a final fabulous goodbye.

Remember, your flowers need not be elaborate in order to be beautiful. In so many cases, the phrase ‘less is more’ is remarkably true. An over-sized bouquet will not look as elegant and it could actually appear rather clumsy if the table is not large enough.Consider your space and freedom of movement before selecting a flower arrangement.