Freesia flower facts to fascinate your friends

When you take a look at a freesia flower bouquet, you will surely be taken aback by their beauty as well as their sweet scent. These blooms are usually included in mixed flower arrangements since they have a powerful perfume. They can be paired with other flowers that have a more subtle perfume so that they will more than make up for the lack of scent from the rest of the bouquet. Here are some interesting flower facts that you may not already know.


There are 16 different species of freesias available. Each type of freesia flower boasts an impressive scent which is matched only by its superb beauty.

Flower uses

Just like other popular floral scents, the freesia flower perfume is used in a variety of beauty products including hand creams and shampoos. This scent is also found in household items like scented candles and air fresheners.

Growing the plant outdoors

If you want to grow this plant in your garden, you will need you buy healthy bulbs in time for the planting season. These bulbs need to be exposed to a dormancy-breaking heat treatment. This means that they should be left in a tropical environment for approximately 12 weeks (with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius). You will need to choose a spot with well-drained soil and where the plant will receive sun or light shade. Each bulb need to be planted at a depth of 5cm and you should leave 5 – 8cm between each bulb. Plant the bulb with the pointed end facing up. You can plant the pre-prepared bulbs in the autumn and expect them to bloom sometime between January and April. If grown in a greenhouse, they will bloom sometime between April and July.

Growing freesias in planters

Your container should be 10 – 15cm in depth. You should use rich, loam-based compost along with some grit for improved drainage. Make sure that your bulbs are well-watered and keep them in the shade. Once they start to sprout, move the freesia flower pots into an area where they will receive full sunlight. Once you notice colourful buds, you can move the plant indoors. If you have used a rich soil or compost, you will not need to provide the plant with any additional food. Once the plant has reached the end of its bloom cycle and the leaves have faded, you can remove the bulbs and store them in sand or peat. Make sure that you keep them in a dry, frost-free spot. You can replant them once the ground warms up. Stagger your plantings to ensure that you have a longer bloom season.

Flower meanings

Like all blooms, your freesia flower has an interesting meaning. According to the language of flowers, these blooms represent trust, friendship and thoughtfulness. They also symblise innocence and sweetness. This is why they are associated with the seventh wedding anniversary and they make a meaningful gift for many other occasions too.

Other facts

The freesia flower belongs to the Iris family and there are 1,800 types of freesia in existence. They are native to South Africa and they prefer a tropical environment. Once cut, these flowers have a vase life of 10 days. They became especially popular in the 1950s and are still a popular choice for wedding bouquets. If you are looking for the strongest-smelling varieties, you should choose red or pink freesias.

These are just a few interesting freesia flower facts that will help you choose, grow and cultivate your very own freesias at home. Once you have a beautiful selection of freesias in your garden, you can cut these flowers and display them in your home or even give them to loved ones as gifts.