Summer bouquet with a Hawaiian theme

If you’re planning your wedding during the warm summer months, what better theme than some Hawaiian colours? Such a theme is easy to create and you can even create your own wedding bouquet in just a few steps. For those who are a little nervous about arranging their own wedding flowers, try it ahead or at least visualize the method and flowers used to get a feel for your summer bouquet.

You need:

– A selection of frangipani blossoms

– Ti leaves

– Ribbon

– Rubber bands

– A pair of sharp scissors


  • The first choice you need to make for this summer bouquet is to decide between using pink and white frangipani blossoms. Pink is great if you are planning on a pink theme. However, if you are opting for another colour, white will work better.

  • Make sure you order extra blossoms because they are known for being quite fragile.

  • You will need enough ti leaves to create a base for each of your arrangements.

  • Gently gather all the blossoms together, starting from the middle and then add them around in a spiral shape. Secure the steps in place using a rubber band.

  • Now add your ti leaves one by one. You can fold them over three times or even just once if you want a rounded edge.

  • Secure all the stems with rubber bands again.

  • Wrap a ribbon around the stems of your summer bouquet to cover up the rubber bands.

Once your summer bouquet is ready, you should keep the arrangement cool and hydrated. Depending on the weather, you might want to place the bouquet in the fridge. Ensure that the stems are also placed in a jar or glass of fresh water to keep them crisp and fresh.