I’m Back! Amazing ice-age seed flowers again after 30,000 years in Ice

Seeds have been found in a hole dug by animals in Siberia after over 30,000 years in ice. Scientists from Russia found the seeds and grew them in a laboratory. These seeds grew producing a beautiful prehistoric flower. This is a real insight to what life was like thousands of years ago and opens a whole new level of exploration for scientists. The seeds were fertile and the flowering plants have produced more seeds

It has been confirmed that this is now the oldest flower on the planet. It is hoped that the scientists will be able to repopulate the plant with many enthusiasts eager to get their hands on a seed or two. This could take many years; a seed from this plant is worth more than gold in its weight. Prestige Flowers hopes to be the first to be able to offer the sale of this plant for people to give as an extraordinary very special gift. But more valuable than that is the magnificent story that lies behind it and the hidden knowledge it can tell us about early flowers over 30 centuries ago.