Plant care advice – when and how to transplant

Potted plants grow at different rates depending on the type of plant as well as if its needs are met. The happier the plant, the faster it is likely to grow. Here are some great plant care tips when the time comes to transplant.

Timing is everything

One of the most important plant care tips to remember is that you need to time your transplant just right. You need to make sure that you plant the move during the plant’s dormant phase. If you try to move a plant to a new home while it is in its growth stage, this can stunt the growth of the plant and cause lasting damage. Your plant will enter its dormant phase once it no longer produces blooms and the final flower fades and falls from the plant.

Prepare the new home

Remember, you should prepare the new home for your plant before you remove it from its existing one. So, you will need to prepare the new pot or dig a hole in your garden before you remove the plant from its current pot.

Add fertilizer

Another important plant care tip to remember is that you will need to provide your plant with the nutrients it needs. Make sure that you choose the right fertilizer for the particular plant you are caring for. Different types of plants have different nutrition needs so if you are not sure, consult with a local specialist or do some research online to find out which ones will suit your needs best.


Whether you move your plant to a larger pot or you move it to your garden, it’s important to offer it water after the transplant is complete. This is one of the most important plant care tips because it will hydrate the plant and provide nutrients. It also helps compact the soil more firmly around the roots so your plant will be more stable.

With these important plant care tips in mind, you will be able to transplant any plant with ease. Remember, you do not need to remove the soil around the roots of the plant when moving it. In fact, it’s best to leave that soil in place. It will make the transition easier on your plant.