‘Bee Friendly’ Flower Garden 2012

Students from Leeds University have created a flower garden like no other for the Chelsea Flower Show. The ‘bee friendly’ garden will exhibit at the famous flower show which is running from. The garden is based on research they carried out by themselves. The garden is designed to show how gardeners can make their gardens more tempting to attract the buzzing insects which is running from 21st-26th May in turn can affect the local bee population.

According to statistics flower  gardens take up an estimated 20-35% of space in cities in the UK and have a big effect on the environment as a whole. The three main emphases put on the flower garden are pollination, water management and carbon management all which have a real impact on everyday life and in turn we can have an effect on those too. Just by doing little things like leaving grass to grow a bit longer and letting wood rot naturally. Things like this contribute towards making a more environmentally friendly flower garden in turn helping with the bee population.

The exhibit will be similar to most gardens found in the North and will be packed up and transported from Leeds to London to be put on show in Chelsea, which isn’t far off now.