Oriental flower arrangement design

There are many different styles and themes when it comes to fresh flower bouquets. An oriental flower arrangement is not only eye-catching, but is also easy to create yourself. You will only need a few materials and you can make a beautiful display suitable for various occasions.

Flower choices

When designing an oriental flower arrangement, it is essential that you choose the correct blooms. Irises, orchids and lilies are all excellent options. Other blooms like baby’s breath, carnations and hydrangeas are not quite as fitting for this specific style.

Easy steps to follow

  • You can begin creating your oriental flower arrangement by trimming all of the stems at an angle. This helps create a larger surface for the stem to absorb water and nutrients which will extend the life of the bouquet.

  • Choose two brightly coloured blooms as well as one flower in a base tone colour such as white or off-white. An example would be two bright pink snapdragons and a single white lily.

  • Place your blooms in a clear vase with the base tone bloom in the middle.

  • Secure the stems in position by adding a vase filler like pebbles or marbles.

  • AS for foliage, you can add some bamboo shoots at the back of the arrangement to create a green backdrop before adding some more vase filler to secure these stems in place.

  • Add some lukewarm water to the vase in order to ensure that your flowers are properly hydrated.

  • You can also add some pretty stones around the base of the vase to help underline the oriental theme.

Floral foam arrangements

It is also worth mentioning that an oriental flower arrangement can also be set in floral foam. You will need to adjust the steps above slightly. The foam needs to be soaked in water and placed on a plastic tray before you start adding your stems. You can cut each stem to a different length to give your bouquet extra depth. To cover the floral foam, simply add some moss.

One of the most important tips to remember when creating an oriental flower arrangement is to keep it simple and modest. You do not want to add too many stems to the bouquet. The fewer, the better and you don’t want blooms with too much texture either. Clean lines are just the look you should be going for.