Fun Poinsettia facts

Poinsettias are popular around the world and they are most often used as part of holiday décor. Here are some of the most interesting facts about this festive plant.

Poisonous or not?

One of the greatest misconceptions is that Poinsettias are poisonous to pets and children. This is not true and this myth is largely due to the fact that the plant releases a milky sap when cut. This sap can irritate the skin. While you don’t want to eat the plant, it’s important to note that accidental ingestion is not particularly dangerous since the plant is not actually toxic.

National Poinsettia Day

In the United States, National Poinsettia Day is celebrated on 12 December. It has been celebrated since the mid-1800s and this plant is certainly worth celebrating. It’s beauty is unlike any other and the red variety is particularly popular.

Poinsettias and Christmas

While many people know that Poinsettias are associated with Christmas, most do not know why this is the case. There are a number of legends associated with this plant but the most popular is the legend that originates from Mexico. According to this legend, a young girl wanted to present Jesus with a gift but she did not have any money. An angel told her to pick some weeds and these weeds were miraculously transformed into Poinsettias.

A festive gift

Many people choose to buy Poinsettias for themselves because they make excellent festive décor. They also make wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Like Christmas flowers, these plants will help brighten the home of the recipient. In addition, they will also last considerably longer than a cut flower bouquet.

If you choose to send a Poinsettia this Christmas, remember to ask your florist about optional extras like a bottle of bubbly, luxury chocolates, and so on.