Flower FAQs when planning a party

When planning a party, your décor will be one of the most important decisions of all. Flowers are the most popular types of décor as well as balloons and candles. So, when planning our next event, make sure that you consider these flower FAQs.

When should I place my flower order?

If you are ordering flowers for a special occasion, you should always place your order as soon as possible. For national and international holidays or occasions like Valentine’s’ Day or Christmas, you should always place your flower order at last four or five weeks in advance. Yes, if you are ordering one or two bouquets for yourself, then you won’t need to order quite as early – two to three weeks would suffice. Even last minute flower purchases can work out if your florist is able to accommodate. When you order a larger number of flowers, you will need to give your florist more time to prepare. This will ensure that they have stock of the flowers you need and they also will allocate the time needed to arrange each bunch.

Can my florist deliver on the day?

Different florists have different delivery policies. That said, if you place a significant order, you might be able to convince them to deliver on the day. Worst case scenario – you might need to store the arrangements overnight. It’s always best to ask your florist. You never know how they might be able and willing to accommodate your needs.

How can I save money on my flower order?

Money is always an important factor to consider. When you place a larger order, ask your florist about any discounts they might be willing to offer. If you place a significant order, they might be willing to offer you a discount, free flower delivery, or another incentive to make it even more worth your while. It’s always worth asking! Another great way of saving money is by selecting seasonal flowers. Ask your florist about their cheapest flowers and their best offers.

What if the flowers I want aren’t available?

There are occasions when florists run out of stock of certain flowers. This happens from time to time even though planning in advance should prevent this. Remember that your florist relies on their suppliers just as much as you rely on your florist. In the event that a certain flower is not available or if they don’t have enough of that particular flower to fill your entire order, then the florist will come up with an alternative. Make sure that your florist offers alternatives that will not increase the value of your order. If the substituted flowers are cheaper, then you should enjoy the discount but, if they are more expensive, the customer should not suffer the additional expense.