Dahlia flower arrangement design

If you love dahlias but you are not sure just how to arrange them perfectly, you are in luck. With these simple steps, you too can create the perfect dahlia flower arrangement to spruce up any room of your home or even to present as a gift to somebody special. You will need just a few basic supplies and a touch of creativity for this gorgeous display.

What you need:

  • One dahlia flower for each arrangement

  • Two long strands of curly willow for each arrangement

  • A bubble bowl

  • Two handfuls of vase filler

  • Flower food

  • A sharp cutting tool


  • While preparing your bowl, you need to keep your blooms and foliage in fresh water.

  • Add some clean water to your first bubble bowl until it reaches the halfway mark.

  • Add some of that flower food and make sure that it dissolves properly.

  • Next, you can add some vase fillers like crystals, gemstones or pebbles.

  • Now you should take two strands of curly willow in your hand. You can trim them if one end is too thin.

  • Place these two strands next to each other in opposite directions so that the thick end of one strand pairs with the thin end of the other. Wrap them around to create a ring before placing them inside the bowl. Now you can release them inside the bowl, in the water and allow them to expand to the size of the bowl.

  • Next, take your dahlia flower and trim the stem with a pair of scissors. Trim the stem as much as possible without damaging the flower or causing the petals to fall apart.

  • Place the dahlia in the water to complete the design.

You can make a single dahlia flower arrangement for a small table in your home or, if you prefer, you can use this design on multiple tables and even clusters of them to create gorgeous yet simple centrepieces for an event.