Plant care tips for this cold season

With temperatures dropping, it’s important to make sure that you take the correct steps to keep your plants in top shape throughout the winter. The type of care that you take with each plant will depend on the size of the plant and the amount of space you have in your home. Keep the following important plant care tips in mind when preparing for the cold season.

Relocate small pots

The first step in plant care is to move any small pots indoors if possible. If you do not have space in your home, you could always place them on your balcony or patio as long as they are out of the direct wind, heavy rains and snow or ice. As soon as the weather warms up again, you can move them back to their summer home.

Moving large pots

Larger pots might be a bit more difficult to move. This is why it is a good idea to place them on wheeled supports. If you are not able to move them inside at all, you should at least protect the planters with special materials designed to keep soil from getting too cold and affecting the roots.

Watering advice

Another important tip with regards to winter plant care is proper watering. While plants still need water no matter the time of year, the weather conditions will impact just how often you need to water. The best way of playing it safe is by inserting your finger about an inch into the soil to check if it is still damp or not. If dry, it’s time to water. If damp, wait a few more days before checking again.

Avoid heat

While you might be tempted to keep your plants warm in the winter, a very important plant care tip to keep in mind is to avoid placing it on display anywhere near a fireplace, heater or any other source of heat. Excessive heat can cause your plants to wilt.

Thorough inspection

Don’t forget to thoroughly inspect your plant to make sure that no pests are lurking between the leaves. Some can be removed by hand while others will need to be removed with soapy water, rubbing alcohol or other pest removal solutions.

With these plant care tips, you will keep all your plants happy for the next few months and you can expect them to continue growing once the weather starts to warm up and they can be placed outdoors once again. Remember, if they can receive rain water, this is ideal.