The Bird of Paradise flower

The summer months bring with them a number of fantastic flowers.  One of which is the Bird of Paradise flower.  You can have your florist arrange these flowers in a bouquet all on their own or you can include some gerberas and orchids too.  Because of the orange colour of the Bird of Paradise flowers, it is suggested that you choose warm coloured flowers.  Warm or hot colours include red, yellow, orange and pink while blue and green are part of the cool or cold colour spectrum.  If you need to send flowers this summer, there is nothing better than a bold, bright arrangement to bring the summer energy into their home.

You may also be interested to know that the Bird of Paradise flower is native to South Africa.  Other names for this flower include Strelitzia and the Crane Flower.  The name Crane Flower is quite obvious if you take a quick look at its shape.  It really does look like the head and neck of a Crane.  As for the name Strelitzia, this may not be as obvious to some people.  It was actually named in honour of King George the 3rd’s consort, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

This flower was introduced to Europe in 1773. It was cultivated and further introduced to a number of other countries around the world.  However, due to its place of origin, this plant is quite particular when it comes to the weather and conditions in which it thrives.  Therefore, it is only cultivated in very warm and sunny areas such as Florida and California.  It’s such a popular flower in the United States that it has also been named the official flower of the City of Los Angeles!

For those who are trying to grow this plant in their gardens, take note that they do prefer loamy soil.  They can be grown either from seeds or by division.  So, if you already have one plant, you could quite easily multiply them.  Make sure, however, that you provide these plants with enough water.  Plants and flowers that enjoy warm conditions also tend to need more water.  Plant them in sunny areas of your garden.  Partly shady areas are fine but full sun would be even better.  As well as providing them with enough water and sunlight, it is also important that you use the correct compost.  Speak to a professional in order to find the perfect solution for your garden.

By treating your Birds of Paradise flowers right, you will have an abundance of brightly coloured blooms that will get your neighbours talking!  Do note, however, that if you are growing them from seeds, they will take a couple of years to bloom.  Some bloom as early as 2 years after germination while others can take up to five years to bare any flowers.  Either way, when they come, it will be worth the wait!