Choosing a Random Winner for the Valentine’s Competition 2014

When running Facebook competitions it can be a tricky situation to pick a winner. Obviously you want to make it as fair as possible ensuring everyone gets the same opportunity to win but prevent people abusing the system by commenting multiple times.

This is why this year at Prestige Flowers we decided to move the responsibility away from our team to pick the winner of our Valentine ’s Day prize and decided to use a completely independent third party system. For this we opted with Woobox, an online service that allows you to select a winner, at random, from a specific post.


By using this tool not only do we ensure that the winner selected is completely random but we can also be confident that no human bias, whether conscious or unconscious has taken place – there is no human element involved in the selection.

Woobox is perfect for us as it allows us to exclude multiple entries from the same person and only take the first comment a user has made. This makes the system much fairer for all participants involved.

As with all competitions there is meant to be a fun element with a bit of excitement. When the winner is announced we don’t want anyone feeling that favouritism has been shown in any way, shape or form to anyone in particular so we hope you will agree with us that the winner was selected completely fairly and at random with no bias offered to anyone.

So let me finish by wishing everyone out there a happy Valentine’s day and thank you all for taking part in this year’s competition. Stick with us for future competitions and events coming very soon!