Flower shopping tips for the best bouquets

When buying a gift for someone special, you obviously put a lot of thought into the selection process. You want them to know that you didn’t run to the store to buy the first thing that caught your eye. You want them to know that you have chosen that gift just for them and that you have put a lot of time and thought into it. The same can be said for fresh flowers. When you send someone flowers, you want to make sure they are special. As important as it is for your flower delivery to fit the occasion, it must also fit the personality of the recipient. So here are some excellent flower shopping tips.

Traditional versus modern

If you’re flower shopping for somebody who is known for their relatively traditional personality, then a simple vertical bouquet placed in a vase will be perfect. Combine various colours and textures. Use different types of flowers like lilies, carnations and roses, for example. Don’t forget to add just the right amount of foliage to complete the bouquet without overwhelming it. If the intended recipient is more modern, another type of arrangement is better. Use just one colour or a variety of shades of that colour to create a more dramatic effect. Place only a few flowers in the vase or container with a piece or two of foliage. If you are looking to create an oriental theme, you should use bamboo as the foliage. These types of arrangements are perfect as they are compact enough to fit into any home or office.

Country-style bouquets

If you’re flower shopping for someone with a country-style home, then it’s important to keep your love of nature in mind. Arrange the flowers in a basket or watering can instead of a vase. Make sure you include beautiful warm colours like orange, yellow and red for that true country look. Add some white flowers if you want to create a nice contrast. Gerberas are great for adding colour. They’re big, their colours are bold, and they look like the kind of flowers you’d pick from your garden. If you want to add some white, put some daisies in the middle. You should also remember that the container is largely responsible for defining the theme of the arrangement so get creative and think of all the things people used as vases years ago.

Romantic gesture

If you want to send a romantic bouquet of flowers to your spouse, partner or even a secret crush, there\’s nothing better than red roses. Ask your florist to send you a flower arrangement made up of a single red rose, and add an anonymous note to get that special someone’s attention. Alternatively, you can send a dozen red roses in a perfect glass vase to declare your love. However, if you know that the object of your affections is not particularly a fan of roses, you could send them another type of flower or even a mixed bouquet. Sending them their favourite flower or at least a bouquet in their favourite colour will show them that you took the time while flower shopping to look for what makes them happy instead of grabbing the first bouquet you found.

Don’t forget, when flower shopping for quality bouquets, it is extremely important to choose a florist you can trust. You should either choose a florist you’ve used before or one with a positive reputation. Take the time to consider their satisfaction guarantee and read some recent reviews.