Additional autumn décor for your dinner table

Floral centrepieces are an obvious choice when it comes to decorating your dinner table. Table décor can be taken so much further if you simply open your mind to all the amazing possibilities out there. Flowers and other plant material can be used to brighten up an autumn table with minimal effort.

The first way of adding colour to each place setting is by using autumn themed napkin rings. If you don’t want to buy them, you can make them yourself and you don’t need any special tools or supplies. You can use old kitchen towel cardboard tubes. Just cut them to size, cover with decorative or plain paper before decorating with autumn leaves and other pressed flowers.

If you want something a bit less time consuming and effortless, then collect a few autumn leaves from your garden. Do yourself a favour and pick them from the tree rather than picking them up off the ground. This way, at least you know that they are clean! You can write each guest’s name on a leaf and place it on their place setting. Alternatively, you can scatter these leaves along the length of the table for a gorgeous tablescape. While you’re at it, why not place some pumpkins and gourds along the centre line too?

Berries can also be wonderful decorative fillers. You can wrap a stem of berries around each wine glass or you could run them along the table. Just make sure that the berries you choose are not toxic in any way. You wouldn’t want toxic plant items to come into contact with your food!

Candles are also excellent for creating a relaxing atmosphere and the added bonus is that you won’t have to use your overhead lights! Candles help your guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. It’s particularly great when you invite guests who don’t all know one another. If you are worried about fire hazards, you can place your candles inside tall clear glass vases. Alternatively, you can use battery powered candle-shaped LED lights. They help create the same effect without the fire risk.

Finally, when decorate any table, you should never overdo it. Moderation is key since you don’t want everything to seem like it was crammed in. Have fun decorating your table and make sure that none of your decorative pieces are too tall for your guests to easily see over.