Mini succulent decorating and display tips

It’s amazing just what an impact something as small as a mini succulent can have on the look and feel of a room. Not only are these plants really easy to care for, but they are also so versatile in terms of where they can be displayed. If you are not sure how to best display your succulents, here are some ideas.

Create a wall

Wall arrangements can be created using various plants, including that gorgeous mini succulent collection you have growing. All you need to do is line a wooden box with some thick plastic, add moss, secure chicken wire to the top of the box and add your succulents! The plastic will protect the wooden box while the moss will hold water to keep your plants hydrated. The chicken wire is great because it holds your plants in place. Secure the display to a wall of your choice and enjoy! Spray the plants regularly to keep them happy. Remember, they are succulents so they don’t need too much water.

How about a fairy garden?

When making a fairy garden, you will need some small greens and your mini succulent is an excellent addition because of its size. Simply use an old planter or box to create the garden design you desire and add a fairy house or two for good measure. Plant a succulent here and there for a much-needed touch of greenery.

Coffee mug design

The best thing about your mini succulent is the fact that it will grow slowly. So, you can plant it in a decorative coffee mug and you don’t have to worry about replanting anytime soon. You can display these coffee mugs anywhere you like! They are excellent for sprucing up smaller spaces such as your bathroom, for example.

Try a wine glass

If you want a taller yet compact display, plant your mini succulent in a wine glass. The stem of the glass will give it that height that you desire but it will not take up too much space. It is great as part or a centrepiece on your dining room table or even in a small corner that could use a touch of nature.


These are excellent ways of displaying a mini succulent because they can be set on a table or they can be hung! Terrariums come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can use a single plant or multiple plants depending on your design.

Now that you know how to make the most of your mini succulent, it’s time to get to work! Apart from these great ideas, you can also let yourself get even more creative. If, for example, you see an item at home that you could use as a decorative planter (such as a mini bucket), this is yet another excellent option. Let your imagination run wild and you’ll be surprised how many ways there are to make the most of these small yet gorgeous plants.