Flower arrangements inspired by art

There are many examples of works of art that were inspired by nature and flowers in particular. However, what some people might not realize is that many florists are also inspired by the beautiful works of art and they are driven to create floral displays in honour of such great works.

The first key is to analyse the colours and elements in the painting. Figure out which elements are the most dominant and then create some kind of floral comparison. So, the dominant feature in the painting should be represented by the largest and most prominent flowers in the bunch. The main colours of the painting should be represented accordingly. You might not be able to include all the colours but you can choose one or two shades of green, for example, to represent the trees or hills in the picture.

Remember that there might be colours and elements in the painting that cannot be represented by flowers or foliage. Gold, for example, is not a colour you will find in nature but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be added to your bouquet. Gold can be added in the form of gold beads, leaves, and even spray painted flowers. Consider adding accessories to highlight such elements rather than simply ignoring them.

Another important point to keep in mind is the way you balance the various colours. If the painting is mostly orange, for example, then you should make sure that your bouquet is mostly orange. Add hints of other colours to represent the other elements.

Finally, the container and the way the bouquet is presented also makes a difference. As with any work of art, elegance and sophistication is important. This is why they look so perfect in a plain, clear glass vase. The vase serves its purpose without attracting any attention away from your flowers and the balance of colours.