Top spring flower choices

Spring is here and it’s time to decorate your home, office, and everywhere with the season’s finest blooms! If you want to embrace the warmer weather and brighter days, then why not welcome the outdoors inside with some colourful fresh flowers? Here are some spring flowers that will transform any living or professional space.


These are one of the most popular blooms in the world and they are available in many different colours. Tulips can be used as part of a mixed flower arrangement or enjoyed on their own. You can send somebody a romantic bunch of red tulips or spruce up your living room with a mixed bouquet that includes several colours.


This flower is often paired with other blooms like roses. They add amazing texture and colour to any bouquet which makes it even more vibrant. The delicate nature of these flowers also makes them the perfect subtle accent to make an ordinary bouquet extraordinary in every way!


Contrary to popular belief, daisies are not only white with yellow centres. They are available in several different colours and they make excellent mass or filler flowers in various arrangements. If you want to make your own wildflower themed bouquet, you can add some of these in between for that perfect finishing touch.


These colourful blooms are commonly associated with the mild months of spring and they will add amazing colour to a bouquet. That said, they are more often enjoyed as potted plants rather than cut flowers since the will offer the recipient that much more in terms of floral beauty whenever in bloom.

When choosing a spring bouquet, remember that your florist will most likely also be able to offer you some flowers that are not in season. There is no rule against pairing a few summer flowers with spring blooms and, in this way, you get to enjoy a lovely variety at an affordable price.