Green summer wedding blooms

Summer is an excellent time of year to have your wedding. The air is warm and fresh while the days are longer and everyone is full of energy. Not only do we feel full of life, but so does Mother Nature! There are so many amazing flowers in bloom that you really can take your pick! Of course, you might want a green theme which makes some people think that they are limited to foliage. The good news is that there are green flowers available at your florist and they can give any wedding a superb elegant theme.

Nicotiana is a lovely bloom to add to your table arrangements as well as your bridal bouquet. This flower is available in several colours, including green. The important thing to remember is that you can still add foliage to your bouquet when using these flowers because they are an unusual shade of green and, by using more than one shade, your arrangements will appear that much more natural.

If you are looking for green flowers that are particularly elegant, you could ask your florist for some cymbidium orchids. Just take a look around for these flowers online and you will see just how beautiful they are! Particularly those of the green variety! In order to really let their beauty stand out, you should have your florist make very simple arrangements. They need not be overcrowded because you want the orchid to take centre stage. Since orchids usually have a higher price tag, keeping it to a minimum is great news for your budget. They cn either be displayed all on their own or with a few other stems. If you choose to add other blooms,make sure that your orchid is not hidden behind another flower or foliage.

If orchids are a bit too pricey, you could always opt for something more affordable such as green chrysanthemums. These blooms are smaller and bursting with texture. This means that they are generally not used as focal flowers but rather mass flowers. The best part is that you can use any other colour you like to go with your green blooms. If you want green to be your main colour, you should add just a few white or off-white flowers here and there.