Brighter options for funeral flowers

When you send birthday flowers or a romantic bouquet, the message is always a happy one. Funeral flowers, on the other hand, have a far more somber feel to them. Since the occasion is sad, we feel inclined to buy flowers that reflect our sympathy. However, this can make for a particular sad reminder. So, before you place your order for white or white and green arrangements, consider adding some colour.

Don’t forget that a funeral is not only a ceremony where we say goodbye to a loved one. It is also meant to serve as a celebration of their life and all the wonderful memories you shared. So, if you want to lighten the mood a little without worring about any kind of disrespect, consider more colourful flowers.

One great way of doing this is by choosing their favourite flower to form part of each bouquet. So, if they loved roses, you can add a few colourful roses to a white bunch of carnations, chrysanthemums, or other flowers. This way, you will still include white with some colour. You can even have your florist design a floral cross with white flowers and a colourful accent using their favourite flowers.

If you have discussed the details of their funeral in the past, you should take a moment to consider their wishes. Most people don’t want people to cry too much and they would much rather have a more informal service where anyone can stand up and tell a funny story about an experience years or even just months ago. Take note of any colour of floral requests.

Casket sprays and wreaths are often used on the casket before being set at the gravesite. If you are not planning on burrying your loved one and they discussed a cremation, then you could lay the flowers at a special spot as a way of honouring them.

Finally, don’t forget their favourite colour. If you know that they loved yellow or purple, then you should order flowers in this colour. Again, you can have a white bouquet with a few splashes of colour in between or you could ask your florist for mixed bouquets in a particular colour.