Forget the cold is coming with Sunflowers!

Even though summer has gone and we are well into the cold months of the year you can still bring a bit of brightness into your home with a wonderful bouquet of sunflowers. Even though you wouldn’t guess with their name sunflowers are a seasonal flower of Autumn. Sunflowers deliver the sort of flower quality people yearn for, they are brightly coloured, have a long vase life and have a very distinct flower form.

Several varieties of sunflowers are grown specifically for use as cut flowers. When cutting sunflowers which have been grown in the garden the pollen can be very messy, now new varieties of sunflowers are being grown to prevent as much messiness as possible.

To make your sunflowers last longer at home you can follow these very easy tips: Keep the water in the vase clean. If the water becomes cloudy it means there is too much bacteria in the vase. Throw the water away, clean the vase and cut about an inch from the bottom of the stems and then place the flowers back in the vase. Sunflowers, as you can probably guess from the name, like filtered sun so make sure you place them near a sunny window.

Sunflowers are also very important flowers for other uses. They are used for birdseed, the oil they produce is used for snack foods, soap, paint, cosmetics and cooking oil. However you use the sunflowers in your home you are continuing a species of flowers that has been used by humans for thousands of years.