Decorate your window box this Christmas

If your home has any window boxes, you probably already know how amazing they can look if you invest just a bit of time into their care and maintenance Of course, if they are neglected, they can take on a rather depressing appearance. Once summer ends, it’s a good idea to pluck out any weeds and any annuals. When Christmas approaches, it’s the perfect time to put this space to good use.

Many people choose to plant fresh rosemary and ivy in order to create a lush green appearance. Alternatively, you could always add sprigs from your Christmas tree just to create the base for your display. They will eventually need to be removed but they tend to stay nice and green for a fairly long period of time. It’s often best to arrange your flowers before adding foliage. You will need to add foliage in between all of the plants to fill those gaps.

For the most part, flowers usually do not bloom when it’s extremely cold outside. That said, if you enjoy milder winters, you might have some luck with chrysanthemums and carnations. Make sure that you opt for the dwarf varieties or they will outgrow your window box very quickly. If you choose these kinds of flowers, you might want to leave them in their pots so that they can be brought indoors if the weather becomes particularly cold. If you do bring them inside, make sure that you place them in a cooler spot and nowhere near a fireplace or heater. The Christmas Rose is one example of a plant that will bloom even when the weather is at its worst. It is, therefore, an option worth considering.

Add some depth to your window box design by placing some supports or small bricks inside the window box. Place some of your potted plants on these bricks to raise them up above the rest. Once all of your plants are in place, you can then fill up the window box with greenery. Make sure that you allow the greenery to face various directions so that they look natural. You don’t want it to look like you have carefully arranged each piece of foliage (even though you have). Festive flower picks can be placed here and there to emphasize the holiday theme too.