Important things to consider when choosing a florist for any big event

When hosting an important event, the décor is one of the most important parts to plan. Whether it’s a big birthday, a wedding, or another significant celebration, you will need just the right flowers to enhance the theme. You will also need to choose just the right florist to get the job done. When choosing a professional florist, you should ask the following important questions:


Who will put the flowers in position?

Arranging the flowers is one thing, arranging the bouquets in the reception hall is quite another. You need to ask yourself if you are up for the challenge or if your florist will do more than just make the fresh flower delivery. It can be really handy if they are familiar with the layout and if they are able to set everything up for you. This is particularly the case if you are planning a morning wedding.


Who will remove the flowers after the event?

Once the event comes to an end, you will need to decide what you want to do with the flowers afterwards. Did you want to send them to a worthwhile cause like a nearby hospital or retirement facility? Or did you want to let your guests take some bouquet home with them when they leave? The venue may expect you to clean up after yourself and the catering service will usually take care of the tables, chairs, and anything food related. The décor, on the other hand, will need to be cleared by yourself, your friends, family, or the florist.


Who will be dealing with your flower order?

Find out who you can contact directly with regards to your flower order. There are few things worse than having to deal with several people before they finally let you speak to the one handling your flower arrangements. Ask for their direct contact details to facilitate direct communication.


How many other commitments do they have for that day?

Find out from the florist how many other orders they have for that day. If they are handling several other events, you might want to make sure that they will be able to give your flower order the attention it deserves.


What are the secondary options in case your choice flowers are not available?

We all have our first choices in terms of flowers. However, your first choice might not be available on the day. It’s important to discuss various alternatives in the event that your desired flowers are out of season or out of stock.


When and how will the flowers be transported?

Find out what time the flowers are scheduled to arrive so that you can keep tabs on your flower delivery. You should also ask the florist how they plan on transporting the arrangements and what measures they take to ensure the freshest flowers arrive at the venue without getting damaged on the way.