Put Calendula to good use

Calendula, or marigold as you may know them, are flowers that offer more than just their beauty. These flowers have been used in many ways over the years and, while they might not be available as cut flowers, you can surely find a potted plant to enjoy in your home or garden. Potted marigolds add colour to any part of your home and they are great for keeping insects like aphids at bay.

Both the leaves and the petals of this flower can be used in a number of ways. The plant can be used externally as well as internally to treat a wide variety of problems. When you make tea from the petals and leaves, you can drink it to soothe indigestion, cold and flu symptoms, as well as fever, and stomach cramps. This tea also helps promote sweating and elimination through urination which is great for getting those toxins out.

If you apply an ointment made from these flowers and leaves, you can use externally to soothe burns, rashes, abrasions, blisters, chicken pox,and even athlete’s foot! This lotion is mild enough to use on babies suffering from nappy rash. If you have them in your garden and a bee decides to sting you or a loved one,you can pick one of these flowers and rub the petals on the affected area to soothe the sting. Of course, it should go without saying that you will need to remove the sting before applying this treatment.

When ground up into a powder, calendula can be blended with talc or cornstarch to treat various ailments on the go. Keep in very small airtight containers and you can keep one in your bag for any emergency.

You may have also noticed that there are a number of plant extracts used in lotions, soaps, and other body products. This is because nature really does know best! Those with blonde or brown hair can make a tea using these flowers and apply it after washing as a rinse. This helps those natural highlights show. If you add the fresh flowers to your bath water, you will enjoy the refreshing effect it offers. Just make sure that you place your flowers in a piece of cheesecloth so that they don’t end up sticking to your body. You can tie the bag to your tap so that the hot water runs over them as you fill the tub. Leave the bag in the bath while you enjoy a soak.

Whether you already have a calendula plant or you still need to buy one from your local nursery, you will not be sorry once you give these home remedies a try!