Flower fashion for Autumn

While many people associate floral fashion with the warmer months of summer and spring, autumn also has its fair share of surprises. There are plenty of ways of adding flowers to your autumn wardrobe and it’s the perfect way of cheering up an otherwise dull selection of clothing. During autumn, your wardrobe will reflect the colours of nature, much like a flower bouquet during this time of year. So, while bright colours are great for summer and pastels suit spring, you should look for shades of brown, orange, and deep red during autumn.

When choosing floral print clothing items for autumn, you need not limit yourself to your main clothing items such as pants, shirts, and dresses. You can also add some floral beauty to your outfit by choosing the right scarf or pair of shoes. The key is to make sure that you choose a plain outfit and floral accessories or, if you prefer, you can wear a floral shirt with plain pants and a plain scarf. The colours in the floral item should be complimented by the rest of your outfit. Be careful of pairing shirts and pants of the same colour. Even if the colour is the same, the different fabrics will reveal differences in the colours.

Just as flowers come in different sizes, so too does floral print. During the autumn months, it’s great to opt for larger print. Smaller floral print is perfect for the warmer months but it’s better to keep things simple in the autumn. Remember, it’s this time of year when brown shoes and boots will become one of your favourite accessories!

In the past, the runways have seen a number of autumn floral designs by some of the most famous designers in the world. These designs are often available in both light and heavy materials which is perfect for mild weather. Even if you choose thinner fabrics, you can always wear a jacket should the weather be more on the chilly side.

As for that summer flower you like to wear in your hair, you will be pleased to note that autumn flowers can also be used to spruce up your hairdo. Of course, you should choose the right colours to suit the season as well as your outfit.