Creative ideas for Mother’s Day vase designs

The types of flowers you choose to send for Mother’s Day are undoubtedly of utmost importance. That said, the vase in which you place your arrangement is just as significant. A gorgeous bouquet of fresh lowers wouldn’t look half as amazing if it was placed in an old or damaged vase. Now, before you assume that you have to buy a new vase, think again! There are a number of ways in which you can avoid spending too much on a vase and personalise your Mother’s Day flowers at the same time.

Creative Mother's Day Flowers Vase
source: Pinterest

Use a household item

Find something practical at home that could serve the purpose of a vase. A watering can is a good example of such an item. Even if the watering can leaks, you can place a waterproof plastic or glass jar inside to hold the water and flowers. The jar will be concealed so that it will look like the watering can is holding the flowers. This style is perfect for a country style kitchen or a home with a more rustic theme.


Old tin can

How many times have you opened a tin of peas, corn or something else and wondered what to do with the can? Now you can use them to make your very own flower vases!  You can cover the tin can with some fabric, paper or even colourful paint. You should make sure that the tin can does not leak and, if you’re not sure, you can place a whiskey glass inside to hold the water and flowers. This option is really cost effective and easy. You can decorate the vase according to the Mother’s Day theme and perhaps even write a special message to mum .

Tea Cup Flowers
source: Pinterest

Cup or mug

If mum enjoys tea or coffee, you can use a coffee mug or tea cup and saucer as a vase. This will cost more than using an old household item or tin can but it will cost less than a vase. Once her flowers eventually perish, she will still have something to hold on to. If you are prepared to spend a little bit extra, you could take your cup or mug to get a picture of you and mum printed on it.

Decoupage Mother's Day Vase
source: Pinterest


If you have a fair amount of time and patience, you can make your own decoupage vase specially for mum. Get your hands on an old vase, photos of you and mum together and create a beautiful visual tribute. You can even create a timeline with your photos so that they tell a story and highlight your best memories together over the years.