Condom Flowers – Celebrating World AIDS Day 2013

World AIDS Day is held annually on 1st December across the world. It’s an opportunity for worldwide unity in the fight against AIDS, and it gives people a chance to show their support for those living with AIDS and to commemorate those who’ve lost their lives.

This year, Prestige Flowers has joined the cause. In support of World AIDS Day, we’ve had a bouquet of flowers specially constructed out of condoms. This beautiful bouquet is a feast for the eyes, and it raises awareness of the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS.

Make Your Own Condom Flower Bouquet

Want one of your own? Here’s a step-by-step account for making your own colourful bunch of unique flowers.
You’ll need a bunch of brightly coloured condoms and a good sense of humour. We used .

Condom Daffodils Step by Step Guide

  • • Take one orange and six yellow condoms
  • • Blow up five of the yellow condoms individually, and knot each one securely
  • • Using rubber cement, glue the petals together to form the head of the flower
  • • Weave the orange condom through the head to make the daffodil heart
  • • Knot together the ends of the condoms and trim off any excess
  • • Stick the remaining yellow condom on the rear of the daffodil to finish your flower neatly

Condom Hydrangeas Step by Step Guide

  • • Take a bunch of pink condoms and knot each one repeatedly – the condom will curl into an organic shape
  • • Paint rubber cement onto a polystyrene ball
  • • Stick each of the knotted condoms to the ball until it’s completely covered
  • • Decorate a piece of wire with green floral tape to make the stem and push it into the flower head
  • • You can add some artificial leaves to the stem to make it look more authentic

World AIDS Day is important because it reminds people and governments that, although scientific advances have been made, AIDS is still a huge issue across the world.

Money is still desperately needed for research into different treatments, to raise awareness, fight prejudice, and to educate people about safe sex. If you want to donate to this worthwhile cause, then hop over to the National AIDS Trust shop to show your support.