Keeping those roses fabulous

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. When we see a bouquet of red roses, we instantly think about love and romance. Of course, different rose colours have different meanings but they are all associated with some form of love or affection. Whether you are pampering yourself with a rose bouquet or you receive a fresh rose delivery, you will want to keep those blooms beautiful for as long as possible. Roses are fairly hardy and even without special care they will last for several days. Of course, if you treat them just right, you can get a whole lot more out of that bouquet.

Vase and water

Before you do anything, you want to place your bouquet in a bucket of fresh water so that they don’t dehydrate. This will give you enough time to select a vase, clean it and fill it with fresh water. Add the flower food that your florist has included because this will help keep bacteria formation to a minimum while also offering your flowers extra nutrients.


The first thing you need to do is remove your rose bouquet from any packaging. The stems will most likely be secured together to keep them in place. This is perfectly fine for transporting fresh flowers but, once they are delivered, it’s time to remove any string and wrapping materials.

Stems, thorns and leaves

Once you have unwrapped your roses, you can gently lay them out and, using a sharp knife or pair of scissors, trim the stems at an angle. Trimming at an angle prevents the stems from resting flat on the bottom of the vase. It also increases the surface area for absorption and this prolongs vase life. While you’re at it, you should remove the thorns and leaves that will end up inside the vase. Removing excess plant material is not only good for the appearance of the bouquet. The less plant material is in the water, the slower bacteria will grow. In addition, the flower will no longer need to distribute nutrients and water to these extra leaves which means more food for the flower!

Perfect location

Take care when selecting the new home for your bouquet. Roses might enjoy sun while still attached to the plant but, as cut flowers, they prefer shade. Keep them out of the direct sunlight, away from draughts, and do not place your vase near any sources of heat or air conditioners.

Regular care

Once your roses are beautifully on display, it doesn’t end here. You still need to check the quality of the vase water every day to make sure that bacteria is not taking over. If the vase water starts to look cloudy, you should change it immediately. Inspect the vase stems and, if you notice that they are very slimy at the bottom, you should trim them again. This slimy texture is a clear indication that bacteria has taken hold. Trimming the stem will get rid of the clogged portion and allow for more efficient absorption again. Don’t trim to much. Rather trim small amounts until you get to a clean, bacteria-free stem base. If one of your roses starts to wilt, remove it from the bouquet immediately. The gases that are released from dying plants will cause the rest of your flowers to perish too.

With these tips, your roses will last so much longer. Remember that you don’t have to throw away wilted roses. You can always use them to create your own works of art, a dried bouquet, or even potpourri! There are so many great uses for this stunning flower.