Spring flower care advice

When you order or receive a spring flower bouquet, it is important to know just how to care for them. Not all flowers require the same care which means that you should be able to identify the different blooms in the bouquet and adjust your care steps accordingly.


When it comes to popular spring flower options, the daffodil is at or near the top of the list. These flowers are known and loved for their unique shape as well as their bright yellow colour. The important thing to remember is that freshly cut stems release latex into the vase water which means that it can have a negative effect on any other blooms. The best approach is to trim these stems and place your daffodils in a separate vase for 24 hours. This allows the stems time to stop secreting latex and then you can place them back in the vase with the rest of the blooms.


One of the most interesting facts about tulips is that they continue growing even after they are cut. They are a popular spring flower because they are in season and also because they are available in a wide selection of colours. You will notice that they do not take long to open which means that you will enjoy their full beauty quite early on. Tulips are grown from bulbs so you can expect these stems to be quite thirsty and they prefer cold to lukewarm water.

Water needs

Your spring flower bouquet will require fresh water from the moment they are placed in the vase. You will also need to keep an eye on the vase to make sure that the water level does not drop too low. In addition, you should change the water every few days so that it does not get too cloudy. Remember, you should not fill the vase to the brim. It is better to fill it halfway to reduce the amount of bacteria that grows in the water.

Heavy stems

Some flower heads, like tulips, can become quite heavy. To keep them perked up and pretty, you can use floral wire or skewers to offer them additional support and to ensure that they do not wilt too quickly.

Flower food

Every spring flower arrangement can benefit from flower food added to the vase water. These packages are great for offering the blooms nutrients and keeping bacterial development to a minimum.

With all of these simple, yet effective tips, you will get to enjoy your spring flower bouquet for as long as possible. Remember to keep an eye on the vase and, if you notice that there are any wilting stems, it’s best to remove them so that they do not cause healthy stems to perish prematurely.