Flowers to nibble on this spring

Flowers are wonderful for addition to any space. They make our environment that much more pleasant and help boost our mood. Flowers are not only great for décor. They can also be used in various foods and drinks. Here are some of the best spring flowers for you to try in your meals.


Lavender is loved for its appearance, scent and citrus flavour. These buds contain oils that offer a lovely aroma when mixed with sugar. If you are a cocktail drinker, you will most likely be familiar with this taste. Lemonade martinis and other gin-based drinks often include this flavour and lavender can also be added to various cake recipes.


This is a popular choice in sweet and savoury dishes. Mint can be added as a garnish or you can mix it in with the rest of the ingredients. Consider a delicious and refreshing mojito or some scrumptious mint sauce over your roast lamb.


Plant-based meals can be topped with candied lilac. The purple shade of these blooms add colour to the dish and the lemon-like flavour makes the dish even more tasty. Lilacs are often used in chilled drinks that contain ingredients like gin, lemon juice, sugar and crushed berries. They can also be added to cakes and you can give your honey an even more amazing taste.


This large flower is a popular garnish for salads and cocktails alike. It is also a popular choice for loose leaf teas. The buds and petals have a very distinct berry taste that will liven up any salad.

Flowers can also be used to make colourful ice cubes. Simply add petals to your ice tray, add water and allow to freeze. You will enjoy colourful and exotic-looking drinks unlike any other! No matter how you choose to use flowers in your foods or drinks, you should always make sure that they are properly washed. Pesticides can have severe effects on your health and bugs can make for a nasty surprise. Cleaning each petal thoroughly is essential.