Put your old watering cans to good use

It’s no secret that watering cans make great vases. You can use various watering cans of just about every size and shape to display suitable flowers. Of course, the larger the watering can, the taller your flowers will need to be. For example, a short watering can is best filled with short-stemmed roses or small daisy-like flowers. A larger watering can hold taller flowers like gladiolas and sunflowers.

Just as old watering cans come in different sizes, so too do they come in different colours and materials. Some are made from copper and others have a ceramic type coating. You can even use old oil cans if you have one hiding away in your shed or garage.

Watering can arrangements are particularly great for spring and autumn arrangements. In the spring you can fill them with all sorts of pastel-coloured flowers. You should go for that classic countryside look. During the autumn, you might prefer more of a rustic theme with plenty of orange, perhaps some dark yellow, and a splash of autumn greens. Sunflowers look great as well as gerbera daisies, geraniums, and you can even add some mini pumpkins on sticks, berries, and other autumn accessories.

When arranging your flowers, you can hold the bunch in your one hand and compare the lengths of the stems to the height of the watering can before trimming all of the stems. Then, you can simply pop your flowers in the watering can and enjoy your new colourful bouquet.

So, the next time you order flowers, consider the option of putting those old watering cans to use once more. If they are unable to hold water, you can simply slide a plastic cup or jar inside to hold the water so that it doesn’t spill all over your table.