What makes freeze drying flowers so special

Flowers can be dried using any one of a number of fun methods. You can hang your flowers upside down, press them, or you can freeze-dry them. Different methods suit different types of flowers and each of these techniques has its own special advantages. Understanding what to expect from each method will help you choose the one that’s right for you. With beautifully dried flowers, you can then create a number of different stunning crafts to send as gifts or decorate your own home.

Regular flower drying involves hanging the flowers upside down or pressing them. By hanging the flowers upside down, you will ensure that they hold their shape. They should be kept out of the sun and in a cool, dry place. You don’t want to place them near any source of heat. Some larger flowers are best dried individually while smaller flowers (like baby’s breath) can be dried in bunches. Wind will also damage these flowers so make sure that you keep the window shut.

Silica gel can also be used to dry flowers. You need to line a container with some silica gell and then place flowers on top before covering with more sillica. Close the container and leave it for about a day or two. Check on your flowers and, if they are not completely dry, cover them up and leave for another day. Some methods call for the use of a microwave but you could damage your flowers if they get too warm so it’s usually best to wait it out rather than trying to speed things up.

As for freeze-dried flowers, this method is really different. It’s a bit more on the expensive side when you consider the equipment that you need and you will also need to make space for this equipment. The plant materials need to be placed in the cooling section of your freeze-dryer. Once activated, the dryer will then chill that area until it is below freezing. The water particles in the plant will freeze due to the sudden temperature drop. After this, the machine will create a very strong vacuum. This forces the frozen water particles in the flowers to transform into a gas in order to extract it. Hereafter, the plant material is slowly returned to regular room temperature and you will enjoy perfect results!

Freeze-drying might not seem like a practical solution for the average flower lover. However, if you plan on selling dried flower arrangements or crafts, you will certainly benefit from the quick turn around time. If you are just drying flowers as a hobby, then the more conventional methods are best.