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Beautiful flowers for the mother of the bride

The bride and groom are the main focal points of any wedding. Of course, there are also other members of the bridal party who are also very important. One of these being the mother of the bride. It is important to remember that she is to thank for raising the bride and she is the […]

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Wedding flowers for a modest event

While big flashy weddings seemed to be quite the trend back in the day, many couples today prefer a more intimate affair. Not only are modest weddings budget friendly, but the limited guest list makes them that much more special. The bride and groom will have more time to interact with each guest and it […]

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Bridal bouquets and tips to help you choose

One of the most important flowers at weddings are the bridal bouquets. This is because they are carried by the bride down the isle and, in most cases, tossed at the reception. Not only are these blooms an important symbol of luck and joy on her happy day, but they are also considered to be […]

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Affordable blooms for your wedding

If you are planning an occasion as important as your wedding, it’s important to make sure that you have everything just right. Of course, many couples are on a tight budget. This is why it is important to look for bargains wherever possible. By shopping for affordable blooms, you can significantly reduce your overall budget. […]

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Wedding flower trends to consider for your big day

If you are planning your wedding this year, you will have quite a few things to consider. Apart from creating a guest list, picking a venue and deciding what will be on the menu, you will also need to choose the perfect wedding flowers. Here are some of the current floral trends to consider for […]

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Flower arranging tips and tricks

If you are new to flower arranging or if you want to create something truly memorable, you will love these amazing tricks. Once you give them a try, you will wonder how you ever created arrangements before! Teacup vases Some flowers have short stems and they might seem difficult to display. There are also times […]

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How to make floral lights

When hosting a late afternoon or evening event, there are several matters that need to be considered. Food, beverages, seating arrangements, and d├ęcor are all important. Lighting is another important factor that can make or break the atmosphere. If your lighting is too dim, your guests won’t be able to see their food properly. On […]

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Bowl vase flower arrangement design tips

As you most likely already know by now, vases come in all shapes and sizes. Each type of vase suits different types of flowers. One of the most popular shapes to work with is the bowl vase. They are often used in centrepieces for events like weddings and birthdays. If you want to create your […]

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