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January flowers for the perfect wedding

Many people think that it is better to celebrate weddings during the warmer months of the year. However, winter weddings can be just as beautiful and perhaps even more comfortable for everyone wearing their formal attire. For starters, the bride won’t have to worry about sweating under all the layers of her dress. If you […]

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Wedding flowers for the November month

If you’re thinking of getting married during the month of November and are looking for the perfect wedding flowers for this special day, here are some great options. Remember, some of these flowers are perfect for height, others add bright colours to the room and there are those that are subtle but elegant. Snapdragons Available […]

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October wedding flowers you will love

October is here and it is a popular season for brides all over the world. Mild temperatures make wearing a suit or dress much more bearable. Not to mention all the amazing colour changes nature has to offer! If you’re getting married in October, here are some gorgeous floral tips for your big day to […]

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Autumn wedding flower choices

Summer and spring are often popular seasons for weddings, but autumn weather can also be ideal. The mild temperature at this time of year is a real boon for bridal makeup and fresh autumn wedding flowers. Since it’s not as hot as summer and not as cold as winter, your freshly cut flowers will retain […]

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Focal flower options for your wedding

When choosing your wedding flowers, you will need to make two main decisions: the colour scheme and the focal flower that will be included in all of your arrangements. Remember, the focal blooms you choose for your centrepieces don’t have to be the same as the bride’s bouquet. Her bouquet is very special, so this […]

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New baby flowers for winter

Welcoming a new baby in the new year really is something special. It’s like you are beginning the year with the greatest gift of all. If you want to celebrate the arrival of a baby in January, you need the perfect new baby flowers. While some might say that flowers are few and far between […]

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Flower subscriptions and why you need one

If you are thinking of ordering fresh blooms for your home, take a moment to consider the benefits of flower subscriptions. Instead of just ordering one bouquet after the next, you can save time and money by opting for a subscription. Even if you have never enjoyed this type of service before, you can do […]

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Fabulous summer flowers

Summer is the perfect season for everyone to make the most of fresh flowers. Not only will your garden be in bloom, but you can also enjoy an amazing variety of the finest summer flowers. The key to making the most of this season is knowing what types of flowers are in season. Summer flowers […]

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